The City Rifle Club offers a variety of memberships:-

2019 Memberships Rates

Full Member                                              £90

Junior Member (16-25)                         £45 (from 1st Jan 2019)

Overseas Resident                                   £45

Social Member (non-shooting)           £25 (from 1st Jan 2019)

Subscriptions are due on 1st January each year.

Application for Membership

Applications for membership have to be proposed and seconded by current members of the City Rifle Club.

Application Form can be downloaded  here The City Rifle Club Membership Application v3

Standing Order Mandate can be downloaded here Standing Order Mandate

Once fully competed send original signed application and standing order mandate to: The Chairman, The City Rifle Club, Bisley Camp. Brookwood, Surrey. GU24 0NY

Locker Rental

Members can rent a locker in the secure Armoury (subject to availability)

2019 Locker Rental Fees

Small Locker                       £30

Standard Locker                £90

Large Locker                       £150