The sport of full-bore target shooting in the UK is governed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) and includes a wide variety of disciplines including target rifle, sporting rifle, gallery rifle & pistol, F class, classic rifle & pistol, match rifle, service rifle, practical rifle, muzzle loading, and shotgun (various disciplines).

The City Rifle Club is primarily involved with the disciplines of full-bore target rifle, and F-class target rifle but the Club has recently begun to develop a Match Rife section. Whilst the Club is called the City Rifle Club working or living within the boundary of the Capital’s ‘square mile’ is not a requirement of membership or participation. Indeed, we have members from as far afield as The United States of America and Australia.

There are 4 membership classes:

  • Full Member
  • Junior Member (16-25)
  • Overseas Resident
  • Social Member (non-shooting)